Services for Employees

The majority of us dedicate most of our time at work compared to other activities.  As workplace lawyers, we understand the importance and value of being able to work in a fair, safe and productive environment.

At Bune Law, most of our work is dedicated toward helping employees who have experienced unfair, illegal and discriminatory practices at work.

We assist clients at all stages of employment. Whether you were recently let go from your job and are looking for compensation, or you are dealing with an overtime pay dispute with your employer, we will fight for you in court and at the negotiating table. If it matters to you, it’s important to us.

As an employee, it is critical for you to understand your rights and obligations at work, so we encourage you to consult with us following any workplace situation you encounter.

As employment counsel, we understand that you may find it difficult to stand up to your employer when a workplace issue arises. But the law is there to protect employees like you from illegal or unfair employer practices.  Along with that knowledge, you can be confident that Bune Law has the care and expertise to help you enforce your employment rights, and help you level the playing field with your employer.

At your first meeting, you will learn about the important rights you have as an employee, no matter what occupation you work in. We take the time to explain your options, and ensure that you understand the importance of protecting your rights with strategic guidance. We will work with you towards a fair resolution of any employer issue you are experiencing.

We can help with reviewing your employment contract, advising on significant changes to your employment, negotiating directly with (or suing) your employer, or simply providing assistance “behind the scenes” to preserve your employment and minimize the risk of litigation.

In most cases, we are able to resolve workplace disputes through negotiations with employers. However, it is sometimes necessary to escalate a dispute to litigation by fighting a dismissal so that rights and justice prevail.  In those cases, we guide our clients through the process, and advocate firmly on their behalf.

Not sure if you have a case?  Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.  We help change employer wrongs into employee rights, so that you can focus on what really matters: moving forward with your life.

Types of cases:

Wrongful Dismissal Constructive Dismissal
Termination Packages
Employee Resignation
• Severance Pay
Employment Contracts
• Unpaid Wages
Employee vs. Independent Contractor
Workplace Violence/Hostile Work Environment
Human Rights, Discrimination
• Employment Insurance (EI)
• Disability and Accommodation
• Leaves of Absence (pregnancy, parental, disability, personal emergency leave)
• Employment Standards
Workplace Health and Safety
• Unpaid Wages and Overtime Pay
Medical Leave of Absence
• Organizational Restructuring
WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)
• Non-compete and Non-solicitation Agreements

If you have experienced unfair workplace treatment, we may be able to help while you are still employed.  We work to preserve your employment when possible, or to get the justice you deserve if you were fired unlawfully.

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