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  • Bune Law Toronto Employment Lawyer

    Can an Employee Cancel a Severance Package They Already Signed?

    Can an Employee Cancel a Severance Package Already Signed? Generally, no.  In most cases, an employee will not be able to undo a signed severance offer to negotiate a better deal. But there are cases where that may be possible.  However, every case is different and will depend on the particular facts of each situation. […]

  • Sezar Bune Law Toronto Employment Lawyer

    Frequently Asked Questions about Employment Law

    Q:  Can a non-unionized employer terminate an employee by only giving them statutory minimum entitlements? A:  It depends on whether the employee has signed a valid written employment contract that states the employee will only receive the minimum requirements under the employment standards legislation.  Any employee whose employment is terminated “without cause” are legally entitled […]

  • Bune Law Employment Lawyer Toronto

    Why Employers Need to be Careful When Giving Reasons for Termination

    An Employer’s Breach of the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing at the Time of Dismissal In most cases, an employee is not entitled to additional compensation for the normal distress, disappointment and hurt feelings resulting from losing their job.  Things change, however, where an employee can prove that the way in which their […]

  • Bune Law Toronto Employment Lawyer - Non-compete agreement-min

    The Ties That Bind: Non-Competition Agreements

    What is a Non-Competition Agreement and When is it Enforceable? The overall goal of a non-competition clause is to prevent an employee from engaging in a business that competes with the former employer.  By contrast, a non-solicitation clause is more narrowly aimed at preventing the employee from soliciting the former employer’s customers, clients, suppliers and/or […]

  • How to Calculate Severance Pay in Ontario

    As an employment lawyer, one of the questions I am most frequently asked is: What should I expect if I lose my job and what can I do to protect myself?  Here are the basic rules of severance in Ontario:  Non-unionized employees are not entitled to guaranteed (lifetime) employment. What this means is that an […]

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