Severance Packages

If you are an employee in Ontario who recently lost your job, you may be entitled to notice or pay in lieu of notice (“severance”).  If your employment was terminated without cause, your employer may given you a severance package consisting of a termination letter, payment offer and legal release. 

Before you decide to accept your employer’s severance offer, it is very important to seek legal advice to determine whether your employer is treating you fairly.  As employment lawyers, we can help you understand your legal rights and options, and work tirelessly to negotiate the best available severance package.

If you are looking for legal advice with a Toronto severance package lawyer, call us today for a free case evaluation.  We will discuss how we can help you negotiate and improve your severance package. 



Negotiating a severance agreement or contract as part of the termination process can be quite difficult and emotionally taxing for an employee who is suddenly without a job and a paycheck. Even so, it is important that emotions be set aside and the severance agreement be discussed in a business-like fashion to minimize the trauma and reach a mutually beneficial resolution.

For an employer, the goal may be to reward a long-term employee, lessen the emotional and financial impact of the termination, and prevent a possible wrongful dismissal lawsuit as a result of the termination. For the employee, the goals are likely to maximize the amount of money obtained as part of the severance, obtain all of the benefits that she or he is entitled to, and ensure that his or her subsequent job search is not negatively impacted by having been terminated.

In either case, the goal should be to reach a fair and equitable agreement that offers adequate protection for both sides. The focus should be on the economics of the situation without regard to emotions and issues that led to the termination.

What constitutes a fair severance package depends on the terms of your employment. We can help you find out whether your employer’s severance offer is adequate.  We will look into all of the factors that determine severance, including your age, occupation, salary, seniority, employment contract, and the events leading up to termination.

Employers prepare severance packages to protect themselves, and often provide severance packages that are below the employee’s potential legal entitlements.  And in our experience, they are generally more likely to enhance severance packages through negotiations with an employment lawyer in Toronto.

We Can Help

If you were terminated from your employment with or without severance package, speak with us today to discuss your options. As employment lawyers in Toronto, we have reviewed hundreds of severance packages, and are skilled at negotiating improvements.  We will review and advise on your severance package before you agree to sign any termination documents.  We expect employers to comply with the law in Ontario, and will ensure that the deal you receive is fair and reasonable.  If your employer refuses, we will fight on your behalf to obtain a considerably enhanced severance package. 

We have experience dealing with various types of employers, and will pull no punches in making sure you are treated fairly and properly.

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