Workplace Retaliation (Reprisal)

In Ontario, employers have to treat their employees fairly at all times, and are not allowed to punish them in any way for exercising their legal rights or obeying the law.  If they do, an employer’s actions could be considered unlawful workplace retaliation (also called reprisal).

For instance, employers cannot demote or fire employees for taking a pregnancy leave, refusing to sign an employment contract, or complaining about workplace harassment.  Similarly, employers cannot fire employees because of their personal characteristics, such as their age, disability or sex.

Workplace retaliation may appear clear to see, but it can often be difficult to prove.  Inappropriate negative actions by an employer that could amount to unlawful retaliation:

•  Negative work evaluations
•  Salary decreases or demotions
•  Termination
•  Hostile or insulting attitudes

If you have experienced illegal retaliation by your employer, it is important to act fast to understand your options.  Our employment lawyers can help you determine if your employer used unfair retaliation to violate your rights as an employee, and discuss your options to ensure you are treated fairly.  We will work with you towards a fair resolution of any employer violations you experience.

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