Defending a Wrongful Dismissal Claim

In Ontario, employers are allowed to terminate an employee’s job without cause, but only if they first provide the employee with enough prior notice, or payment in lieu of notice (“severance entitlements”).  

In some cases, employers will try to avoid their obligation to provide severance entitlements, such as by giving only the minimum standards, or by improperly arguing they had “cause” to terminate without providing any severance entitlements at all.  In either situation, the employer may be faced with a costly claim of “wrongful dismissal” by the employee.

Minimize Wrongful Dismissal Disputes

If you are an employer preparing to terminate the job of one of your employee’s, we can help you examine the factors involved to properly carry out the termination and minimize the risk of wrongful dismissal.  However, in situations where a previous termination results in a wrongful dismissal claim, we have extensive experience representing employers and defending their position. 

Whether the appropriate response is negotiation in the boardroom or litigation in the courtroom, our goal is protect your business through a timely, strategic and cost-effective resolution.

If your business is facing a claim for wrongful dismissal by a former employee, contact us to discuss your workplace situation. We are employment lawyers in Toronto with experience representing both employers and employees.

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