Defending Human Rights Complaints

Under the law, an employee who believes his or her rights have been violated at work could bring a human rights complaint against the employer.  For instance, the employee could allege sexual harassment, pregnancy-related discrimination or that the employer failed to accommodate her disability. 

A human rights complaint is a serious workplace issue that could harm your company’s reputation as an employer, reduce workplace morale and cost you significant time and money. 

We frequently help employers deal with various types of human rights complaints, and believe that “the best defence is a good offence.”  In fact, employers are often able to minimize risk through effective human rights policies, internal complaint procedures, accommodation plans and employee training workshops.  We assist employers with all of these services.

And when that’s not enough, we help our clients obtain quick and effective resolutions to human rights complaints through assertive negotiations and, if required, a vigorous defence.

If your company is facing a human rights or discrimination claim, contact us to today discuss how we can help you deal with it quickly and effectively. 

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