Our Fees

As Toronto employment lawyers, we believe in helping our clients pursue their legal entitlements.  We also understand that, when you lose your job, it can impact your finances and make it difficult to pay for the bulk of your claim upfront.

At Bune Law, we offer flexible fee arrangements with our clients depending on each client’s unique situation, including:

  • Hourly rate agreement;
  • Contingency agreements;
  • Deferred payment plans; and
  • Flat fees.

Our boutique size allows us to focus on what matters most: the best results for our clients.  We offer competitive hourly rates and the flexibility to offer our clients predictable fee arrangements.

When it comes to our legal fees, Bune Law is committed to the following principles:

1)      Our fee arrangements and options will be discussed with you upfront;

2)      We will discuss the merits of your case and the potential costs of following through from beginning to end with a cost-benefit analysis;

3)      An explanation of the pros and cons of any settlement offer, along with details of the fees you will or have incurred, to help you make your decision on whether to accept any settlement offer; and

4)      Whenever possible, structuring the legal fees and any potential settlement in the most tax advantageous manner.

If circumstances change at any time, we will make sure you are aware of the situation, and will explain the cost implications going forward. As every legal problem is unique, the costs can vary.  Whenever possible, we will attempt to recover your legal expenses either by way of settlement or judgment.

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