About Us

We are a Toronto law firm providing legal advice and representation for employers and employees across Ontario in all employment law issues, as well as provincial offences and immigration law matters.

If you are looking for an experienced employment lawyer, we can help.  We represent clients on cases involving job termination and wrongful dismissaltermination packages, employment contracts, constructive dismissal, provincial offences, minimum employment standards, workplace harassment and human rights complaints.

As employment lawyers, we have experience representing both employers and employees. Whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation, we will work hard for you. We have appeared before various courts and tribunals in Ontario on behalf of our clients.

We also have expertise representing clients in Immigration Law, including citizenship, permanent residency applications, study and work permits, immigration appeals, as well as Provincial Offences disputes involving employment standards, occupational health and safety and municipal by-law violations.

Helping our clients is not simply our work – it is our passion.

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Bune Law Free Consultation Meeting Employment Lawyer Toronto

We represent clients across Ontario on many different types of workplace issues. If you feel you suffered unfair or illegal treatment at work, contact us today to schedule your case consultation with an experienced employment lawyer.

In addition to our Toronto office location, we also have other locations in Mississauga and downtown Toronto.

Our Approach

At Bune Law, we don’t just work to guide you through your specific employment issue to obtain a timely and successful resolution. Beyond that, we approach every case in a practical, cost-effective and personalized manner  designed with you – the client – in mind to play an essential role at every step of the way.

Employer or Employee: if it matters to you, it’s important to us.

We have significant experience handling a variety of employment law matters to help:

  • prevent litigation/disputes
  • save you costs
  • secure the best possible rights and benefits

Upfront Cost-Benefit Analysis

Beginning at the initial consultation, and at each important step during your case, we carefully weigh all the factors, risks and benefits, to help you make an informed decision on your next steps.

Expertise and Results

In addition to assisting clients on their workplace matters, we regularly write informative articles on these topics, and have been featured as guest speakers at workshops and presentations on the latest employment law issues.

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