Job Offers and Employment Agreements

Employment contracts establish the rights and obligations of both sides of an employment relationship – employers and employees.  However, they are usually designed to favour the employer by limiting the employee’s rights, options and entitlements.  

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An employment contract will often contain probation periods, non-competition agreements, and termination clauses that seek to minimize the employee’s termination/severance pay.  With these clauses, the aim of an employment contract is to determine how the relationship is terminated and damages for premature termination of employment. Where an employment relationship is terminated not in accordance with the terms of the employment contract, the injured person may be able to sue for breach of contract (wrongful dismissal). 

For this reason, it is always important to carefully review your employment contract to understand what it provides (and what it takes away), by consulting with an experienced employment lawyer before signing it.

If you are looking for legal advice with a Toronto employment lawyer, call us today to discuss and review your employment agreement. 

How We Can Help

We regularly advise and help employees negotiate many different types of employment contracts and job offers. 

If you are asked to sign an employment contract before starting your new job, after receiving a promotion, or during major changes at work, we can help you review, understand and negotiate your rights and obligations.  There are very important elements to your employment agreement of which you should be aware, including the termination clause.  We can help you thoroughly understand and, if required, negotiate improvements to your employment agreement.

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