Constructive Dismissal

Sometimes, an employer decides to make major changes to an employee’s job, without approval.  This usually includes a significant pay cut, demotion, reduced work hours/job responsibilities, or relocation.  If that happens, an employee may have a claim for constructive dismissal.

However, under the law, not every job change will amount to a constructive dismissal. This often makes pursuing a constructive dismissal case difficult.  Therefore, it is very important for employees to get advice from an employment lawyer if they experience significant changes to their job.

It is important for you obtain a legal consultation before you take any action that could affect your situation at workplace. We have experience advocating for both employers and employees, and know how to anticipate the other side’s arguments.  This allows us to develop an effective strategy to deal with any workplace matter.

We can help you understand and respond to job changes that are beyond what is necessary or permitted by law.

If you believe you were constructively dismissed, or are concerned about your work situation, contact us today for a consultation with a Toronto constructive dismissal lawyer.  Our employment lawyers can review your situation, discuss your options and the strength of your case, and help you devise an appropriate strategy.

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